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"Science is a natural continuation of childhood"

Do you need to share crucial scientific research, highlight the technical background behind your beauty/pharma product or inform the patients of a new therapy method? I am willing to help out with all those tasks and more.  

Science is beautiful but complex. In a world where there is a growing distrust towards research due to false interpretations and dubious sources, facilitating science communication is a key solution. After all, no one likes being talked down to with big words and fancy expressions. In my own experience, understanding the technical background of a certain topic can be highly rewarding and convincing for readers and potential clients. Therefore, I want to ensure that all my writings are as engaging and informative as possible.

Ultimately, my goal is to translate scientific, medical and technical content into easy-and-fun-to-read pieces. If this is what you need, then you are in the right place!

Dear Human Being...

A blog for humankind

To put it simply, these days are weird. Sometimes it feels like the world is coming crashing on you. Other days are calm, productive and engaging. Overall, it is as if we are that dog from the burning room meme, but less cheerful.

Are you afraid of dying? Death anxiety, fancily called "thanatophobia", has been lingering over the heads of humanity for a long time now. The chilling thought that creeps into our minds every now and then, and plays its strings in a dark twisted requiem until we are utterly terrified. But what is it that really scares us in the concept...